During the first few years of the new millennium, it was observed that a lot of companies who came to college campuses to recruit fresh graduates started to lay special emphasis on communication skills, confidence, spontaneous thinking, working under pressure and other such soft skills. A lack of these skills among the students affected their recruitment prospects although they possessed sound technical knowledge and ability. This was the case not only in our college but all over Gujarat. With a common vision to overcome this flaw among students, Paramarsh was started in the year 2001 by a group of students from the Faculty of Technology & Engineering, M.S.U., Vadodara as an intra-college event. What began as a humble event consisting of only Group Discussion has now evolved and become the biggest non-technical fiesta of the entire West Zone. The word ‘Paramarsh’ has its roots in the Sanskrit, meaning ‘Supreme thought’. An event organized by the budding engineers of M.S. University, Paramarsh is a non-profit organization with a sole aim of instilling in students the 7 commandments for corporate excellence- ‘Leadership’, ‘Team spirit’, ‘Sportsmanship’, ‘Creativity’, ‘the spirit of adventure’, ‘the art of Oration’ and ‘Science of Deduction’. Apart from 15 different events in the aforementioned categories, wide-arrayed workshops and interplays, enlightening social initiatives, inspiring guest-lectures, stunning band performances and spell-binding concerts; all form an integral part of Paramarsh and helps this 3-day festival live upto its tag-line: Ideas Infinite!